What is GIS & the power of GIS

What is GIS & The Power of GIS

According to ESRI, A geographic information system  (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.  In today's modern world, GIS proves resourceful to all Organizations of all Sizes in major industries.

GIS Applications are tools that allow users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information create and edit maps and make a presentation of the result.


What are some of the Major GIS Applications and Use

Urban Planning: this is used to analyze urban growth. in most cases analyzing urban growth suitable land must be identified and what a better tool to use than GIS

Environment Impact analysisHuman activities produce potential hazards towards the environment such activities including; construction, mining, radioactive waste disposal. 

agricultural application:  GIS Can be used to create more efficient Techniques for farming. you can use it to analyze soil data and get the best kind of crop to farm on various land topography. 

Disaster management & mitigation: GIS can help in decision making in terms of which areas are prone to man-made or natural disasters.

Natural Resource Management:  with GIS, water, forest, and agriculture can be well managed you can use GIS to monitor forest cover, Study soil data and advice on best agricultural practices, and also analyze geographic distribution of water.

Desertification: Land degradation due to climatic changes or human activities. GIS provides information of land which is degraded as result and can prove crucial towards Governmental agencies tasked with tackling Desertification

GIS for Public Health:  with GIS you get a cost effective tool to analyze health sector programs, explaining epidemic patterns, with social, institutions and natural environment through GIS Data.

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