Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Role in Development

Drinking water hygiene and sanitation are critical towards development but so is waste management. in most developing countries, WASH is already a major issue. with most countries struggling with chronic waters shortage, waste management, and disposal. 

with growing numbers in population and conflicts, WASH is becoming even a much greater challenge to face in developing countries. 

In areas prone to disasters, children are most vulnerable; Clean water, basic toilets, and good hygiene practices are essential for their survival and development. Today, their area approximately 2.4 billion people who do not use good sanitation, and close to a billion who do not have access to developed water sources.


Components That make up WASH

  • safe, private and convenient facilities e.g. Toilets not latrines
  • Clean and healthy environment
  • Accessiblity to water 
  • Safe disposal mechanism 

Why is Wash important 

with growing numbers of poor waste disposal all over the urban and rural setting, there need to understand why WASH is crucial. below are reasons why wash is important.

  • consumption of dirty water leads to disease and with WASH, this becomes preventable
  • Encouraging washing of hands frequently ensure reduction of various diseases brought about by bacteria
  • clean water and healthy environment is crucial towards ensuring a healthy population
  • WASH make up part of SDGs and for this reason its critical towards achievement of SDGs

Solutions to WASH Challenges

  • Provision of clean water services to local populations
  • bringing leaders into the conversation in matters WASH
  • Carrying out Research and Development on WASH
  • Creating proper waste disposal Mechanism
  • Training and Capacity Development 

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