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Versed Professional Services provides expert knowledge through knowledge dispersion in the fields of data management and statistics, monitoring and evaluation, Geographical Information systems and other cross-thematic sustainable development fields like agriculture and livelihood development with the sole purpose of sealing existing gaps in organizations worldwide.

We look to provide professional consultancy services, our team of experts have a wide pool of experience, having engaged with various development agencies globally.

GIS Solutions

The role that GIS plays in our everyday lives is enormous. Sometimes we apply GIS even without
the knowledge of the fact. Get our GIS Solutions Today.

Baseline Surveys

This is the study that is done at the beginning of a project to collect information or data on the status of a subject i.e. demographic or other baseline information. This is done before any type of intervention or project commences

M&E Solutions

At Versed Professional Services, we recognize the important role Monitoring and Evaluation plays
towards the sustainability of projects and programmes. Check out our M&E Solutions

Mid-Term Evaluation

The aim of Mid-term Evaluation is to assess the significance of interventions and progress made towards achieving planned objectives.  It allows for  decision-making and taking stock of initial lessons from experience.

Data Management Solutions

Data is at the core of everything in life. It is only through its acquisition and sound analysis that individuals, governments and corporations can make decisions that are beneficial

End-Term Evaluation

This evaluation is do to primarily focus on project or program results and why they were achieved or not achieved in order  to inform decisions making processes as such whether to continue the intervention, to improve it, to scale it up or replicate it elsewhere.

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Versed Professional Services Delivers leading Training and consultancy services to International and local development partners organizations. We deliver Monitoring and Evaluation Data Management Leadership Training.

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