Health organizations remind people of the importance of regular hand washing with warm water and soap. People who developed the flu are advised to stay home to recover and avoid spreading the virus to others. Then, some people started doing something most of us hadn't seen before: wearing respiratory masks.

The CDC revised its healthcare protocols for flu prevention to include facemasks and respirators in 2010. They recommend that healthcare workers wear face masks when in contact with potential and infected patients; and to patients who show signs of respiratory infections.


With the outbreak of Ebola, ensuring safe entrance into healthcare was particularly challenging for children, and pregnant women, as well as those without an established connection to healthcare.

Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, world leaders attended a special summit at the United Nations in New York to adopt Agenda 2030, including the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs). The 17 goals succeed the Millennium Development Goals, forged in 2000. They provide a holistic framework, applicable to all countries, aiming to eradicate poverty and deprivation, but also to grow our economies, to protect our environment, and to promote peace and good governance

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The Biggest Failure is Not Trying at all

How many times have we passed out great opportunities since we couldn’t make decisions? countless numbers of great ideas get lost during this process the reason being procrastination, you see there is never a right time or perfect time. You’ll never be ready to do something. Time waits for no one and neither will it give you the perfect time.

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why value chains are critical to sustainable intensification

A value chain can is a set of linked activities that work to add value to a product. It consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking commodity producers to processors and markets. In agriculture, this includes activities such as product design, production, marketing, distribution and support services up to the final consumer. Value chains work best when their actors cooperate to produce higher quality products and generate more income for all participants along the chain.

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