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Data is at the core of everything in life. It is only through its acquisition and sound analysis that individuals, governments and corporations can make decisions that are beneficial to human existence.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation plays a Key role towards the sustainability of projects and programmes.  we have sought to play a significant role in the process through providing M&E solutions


Monitoring and Evaluation for Development

Monitoring and Evaluation for Development (2)

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is critical for identifying and documenting successful programmes and projects

Thursday, 13 April 2017 10:45

Disease control and monitoring

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Disease Control and monitoring

Health organizations remind people of the importance of regular hand washing with warm water and soap. People who developed the flu are advised to stay home to recover and avoid spreading the virus to others. Then, some people started doing something most of us hadn't seen before: wearing respiratory masks.

The CDC revised its healthcare protocols for flu prevention to include facemasks and respirators in 2010. They recommend that healthcare workers wear facemasks when in contact with potential and infected patients; and to patients who show signs of respiratory infections.

With the outbreak of Ebola, ensuring safe entrance into healthcare was particularly challenging for children, and pregnant women, as well as those without an established connection to healthcare.

M&E are independent practices that are usually dedicated to assessment of your project overall performance. Monitoring is a Long term process that is systematic and is used to gather information with regards to progress made on project implementation. It usually is time specific and its performed to judge whether a project has achieved its goals or whether it has delivered the expectation on plan.

Why M&E is important

First and foremost, Monitoring & Evaluation are critical and crucial for various organization in order to asses if projects are achieving their intended purpose. This will easily help in decision making in case any major strategic changes need to be made.

Secondly Major Donors find M&E Critical and thus need it to assess whether funding grants given by them as development partners is well implemented and used. By reviewing this they can make decisions on accountability of your organization of the use and management of project funding.

Factors to consider during monitoring and evaluation strategy development

Output Monitoring: Get an elaborate methodology to constantly monitor the development projects such as to make the final output consistent in comparison to the monitoring process. For instance if you’re looking to build 25 employee capacity on use of specific software’s such as Stata, Nvivo or even GIS, make sure you even monitor the progress they make weekly thus providing evidence on how the final output has been met or achieved.

Outcome and impacts monitoring: The impact and outcomes are more challenging to assess. It may e simple to measure success of a project via stating how and that a goal was achieved, to measure impact of activities may be dynamic and more difficult. Through designing M&E strategy to enable assessment of impacts and outcomes, you will be able to prove to your supervisor, funding partner or even the government that the activities that were implemented will have a positive outcome.

Evaluation: State the milestones of the project and final outputs clearly. This will strengthen the consistency of the project. Secondly ensure that the donors or development partners have concrete ways to assess the minor and major final results of the project.


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